How To Increase Lung Capacity

Many sports today require you to use a large amount of air to succeed. While there are many ways to increase the lung size, there are many ways to increase the amount of air intake when the lungs hold oxygen effectively as well. Practice these exercises daily, and you will definitely see your lung capacity increase.

Method 1: Increase lung capacity by yourself

Exhale deeply

You can increase the amount of air your lungs absorb for a short time without having to exercise for a long time. The secret is to breathe deeply and steadily.

  • Exhale completely and slowly. Practice a few times before starting. Do not keep the air in the lungs. This helps you breathe more air.
  • Allow your diaphragm to descend by relaxing your abdominal muscles. Your abdomen swells when the diaphragm descends, allowing more and more space around the lungs and helping them fill up more air.
  • Extend your arms and keep them away from your body, which help your chest expand.

Relax and hold your breath

Try meditation, or close your eyes. The less energy you use, the longer you can hold your breath.

  • Count from 1 to 100 in the head. Focus only on the numbers, and your goal is to reach 100.
  • Record the maximum number that you can hold your breath. Next time, try to hold on longer.

Exhale slowly, repeat 3-4 times

Don’t breathe out too quickly. Exhale slowly and steadily. After you have finished once, do it over again.

  • After about 3-4 times, your lungs can hold more air than the previous 20 minutes.
  • Regularly exercise will help your lungs last longer.

Method 2: Increase lung capacity by exercise

Practice underwater

Exercising underwater will increase resistance. Your body will have to work harder to provide oxygen and this makes it to be a good exercise.

  • Perform muscle stretching on the ground. You need to be aware that weights will be lighter when you have water. Keep doing until you feel comfortable.
  • Get into the water. Sink your body down to your neck and do an underwater exercise.

Perform cardio activities

Exercises are a great way to increase lung capacity. Practice for at least 30 minutes, pushing your body to the threshold of fatigue so that your lungs have to work hard. This will help you increase your lung capacity.

  • Cycling: Add diversity by working with a treadmill, or increasing the practice volume. Going up treadmill leads your body to pump more blood into your legs, your lungs provide oxygen to your blood.
  • Practice running: Go jogging everyday or cooperating with a running machine.
  • Swim: The best sport kit to improve cardio capabilities. At the supreme level, the swimmer’s lungs can be used 3 times more effectively than the average person’s.

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