Back Exercise – How To Do Wide Grip Pull Ups

BACK EXERCISE – How To Do Wide Grip Pull Ups

Whenever someone asks me what is the most basic and efficient exercise to develop your back and lats, I would answer it is pull-ups with a wide grip. Let’s together with Lift2Fit have a glance at the exercise brief info, tutorials, and some useful tips to answer the question How To Do Wide Grip Cable Pull Down.

Brief Info:

Type of workout: Strength.

Major muscle group: Back, Lats.

Participated muscle groups: Biceps.

Tools: Bar, body weight.

Force: Pull.

Anatomy image:

how to do wide grip pull ups


  1. Grip the bar with your palms facing out, with the width between two arms wider than your shoulders.
  2. Your arms should be straightened up, bring your body backward around 30 degrees. Then bend your back and chest, take a deep breath This is your starting position.
  3. Start to lift to the bar using your lats and biceps until your chin is over it. Additionally, inhale during the process.
  4. Slowly lower yourself back to starting position.
  5. Repeat other reps.


  1. Totally focus on your lats to perform the exercise even though I understand it is quite hard for beginners to focus on their lats at the early stages.
  2. You can ask someone to help you fix your legs or back.


Watch the video tutorial

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