Chest Exercise – How To Do Dumbbell Bench Press


Dumbbell bench press is a chest exercise you would want to add to your training schedule because of its effective benefits and functions to chest growth. Let’s together with Lift2Fit have a glance at the exercise brief info, tutorials, and some useful tips to answer the question How To Do Dumbbell Bench Press.

Brief Info:

Type of workout: Strength.

Major muscle group: Chest.

Participated muscle groups: Pectoralis, triceps, shoulders.

Tools: Dumbbell, lifting belt ( optional).

Force: Push.

Anatomy image:

how to do dumbbell bench press - anatomy


  1. Starter position: Sit on the bench properly, put the dumbbell on the top of your thighs, meanwhile grab the dumbbell tightly by hands.
  2. After that use the strength of your thighs to lift the bells to behind. Alongside, lie on the bench and keep the bells parallel to your shoulders and retract your shoulder blades
  3. Turn your wrists forward so that your palms are forward as well. Then slowly drop the dumbbells until they hit your middle or lower breast ( your arms place parallel to the ground and they together with forearms form 90 degree). Meanwhile, the bells are dropped, inhale steadily.
  4. Use your chest muscle to lift the bar and exhale during the process. When the bells are at the very top, your arms must be fixed.


  1. Your shoulder flats must be fixed to stable the process.
  2. Let your shoulder flats go backward provided that, for example, you are trying to pinch a pencil by them.
  3. Besides, lower your shoulders and puff out your chest to experience the exercise more effectively.
  4. Puff out your back as well and keep only your butt on the bench to feel your muscle works.
  5. The dropping time should double the lifting time.


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