Back Exercise – How To Do Bent Over Row Reverse Grip Smith

BACK EXERCISE – How To Do Bent Over Row Reverse Grip Smith

If you want to seek for a typical exercise for thickening and broadening your back, especially middle back then bent over row reverse grip smith is an ideal exercise for you. Let’s together with Lift2Fit have a glance at the exercise brief info, tutorials, and some useful tips to answer the question How To Do Close Grip Cable Pull Down.

Brief Info:

Type of workout: Strength.

Major muscle group: Back, middle back.

Participated muscle groups: Brachialis, teres major, latissimus major.

Tools: Barbell, lifting belt (optional), squat rack or smith machine ( optional).

Force: Pull.

Anatomy image:

Bent Over Row Reverse Grip Smith anatomy


  1. In fact, you can do bent over row reverse grip smith either with the help of a squat rack or smith machine but I recommend you should take advantage of a smith machine since it helps your training form improve correctly.
  2. Set your smith to a height of about 5 cm below your knee.
  3. Bend your knee a bit and head your upper body forward. Keep your back straight, meanwhile, low down your upper body until it together with the floor create an angle of 45 to 60 degree.
  4. Use hands to grab the bar as long as the distance between two hands equals your shoulder width. Keep palms toward the front then unlock the Smith.
  5. Keep your body stable and firm, pull up the bar and breathe out, also position your elbows closed to your body alongside.
  6. Slowly let the bar down back to the starting position, inhale during the process.


  1. When pulling up the bar, do not use any forearm forces beside the one used to hold the weight of the bar. Use and focus on back muscles instead.
  2. Keep your head moderately high, do not bow low.
  3. Do not move your body while performing the exercise.


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