Cramps And Why You Have Them

Cramps can occur at any time, even when you sleep. The mechanism of this symptom is caused by sudden contractions of muscles.

Do not drink enough water

This uncomfortable feeling can be a signal that you are dehydrated. So, always bring with you a bottle of water, especially when it is hot.

High temperature

The body loses water the most when exercising in high-temperature conditions, and this easily leads you to have cramps. This is partly because the muscles need water, the other part is because electrolytes escape from sweat, which prevents the muscles from working properly.

Women periods

Some women experience cramps or abdominal pain during menstruation, due to a hormone secreted that causes the uterus to tighten. This helps to push blood and waste out, but it can also cause the issue.


Statin – a drug that helps control cholesterol, and diuretic – drugs that help the body eliminate water. These are two of the many drugs that can cause side effects: cramps.

Poor blood circulation

If your cramps become worse when you exercise, you may be anemic. This can happen when you are lazy or active. It can occur when the arteries narrow, making it harder for blood to circulate.


Children often experience cramps when their bodies grow fast. Sometimes children also have “growth pains”, but in fact, they are too active or children are more sensitive to pain.

Doing exercises

The body needs to be active, but too much movement at the same time when the body is unable to adapt can cause cramps. So pay attention to warm up carefully before practicing.

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