Benefits Of Watermelons And Why You Should Eat Them

Watermelon is an indispensable fruit in every refrigerator in the hot season. But do you know the health benefits of this fruit?

Protect from the sun

Lycopene in watermelon can reduce the risk of sunburn. However, you still need to use 30 SPF sunscreen or more.

Cardiovascular protection

Watermelon is rich in amino acid citrulline that helps blood flow better and lowers the blood pressure. Lycopene is also considered to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Protect the joints

The fruit contains natural pigment beta-cryptoxanthin that helps protect joints from inflammation, reducing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Protect the eyes

You only need a part of watermelon (about 500ml) to provide your body 30% of the vitamin A needed for a day. If you may not know, vitamin A is essential for bright and healthy eyes.


92% of a watermelon is water, so eating watermelon is a simple way to moisturize your body. Every cell of the body needs water, especially in the hot summer.

Soothing the skin

Vitamins A, B6, and C in watermelons help skin soft, smooth and elastic. This fruit is also a good ingredient for making masks at home.

Do not increase blood sugar

Watermelon has a glycemic index (speed of blood sugar elevation) of 80 but contains very little carbohydrate, so the starch absorption index is only 5. Therefore, you can comfortably eat this fruit without having to worry.

Easy to digest

If you have digestive problems like colitis, there will be lots of food you need to avoid. However, watermelons are not among them because they are very soft and easy to digest even for people with intestinal inflammation.

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