Bad Effects of Beer And Alcohol On Bodybuilding

Within an hour of consuming into the body, alcohol is fully absorbed with 80% in the small intestine and the rest in the stomach. Alcohol begins to attack the body. In which the liver and central nervous system suffer the most. When it comes to bodybuilding, alcohol even leads to more negative effects.

Harmful to liver

There are no organs or cells in the body that are not affected by alcohol. When alcohol enters the body, it is rapidly absorbed with 20% gastric absorption and 80% in the small intestine, after 30-60 minutes the whole alcohol is absorbed. After that, alcohol is mainly metabolized in the liver (90%). A small amount of intact alcohol (about 5-10%) is excreted through sweat, breath and urine. Recent studies have demonstrated that some of alcohol is burned. And the rest remains in the body for many days.

Deep disorders occur throughout the liver. One of the main tasks of the liver is to prevent various toxins from carrying blood from the intestines or outside. Alcohol destroys this function of the liver. At the same time, the liver is degraded and a part of liver cells is replaced by connective tissue and fat cells. The liver is prone to inflammation, liver fat, cirrhosis. A serious disease appears to be cirrhosis that usually ends with premature death.

Harmful to myocardium

Under the influence of alcohol, myocardium t is degraded and part of the heart muscle tissue is replaced by fat. The hearts of alcoholics are twice as big as normal people. In medicine is often called “cow heart” or “heart beer”. Cardiovascular apparatus is damaged: Headache appears, difficulty breathing, ankle swelling. Long-term use of alcohol can cause cardiac muscle relaxation, ventricular hypertrophy, and fibrosis.

Beer, alcohol and growth hormone

One of the major problems in consuming alcohol is its effect on the production of growth hormones in the body. Growth hormone is a component that plays an extremely important role in muscle formation, stimulating other cells to grow and develop. And it even makes bones grow to their fullest. When this hormone is low, you will definitely not achieve the maximum muscle that your body can form.

Growth hormone is produced more during the early stages of sleep and because alcohol tends to prevent the body’s natural sleep rhythm, it will make this hormone less secreted. This decline can be up to 70% so it will actually shorten the process of hormone secretion that the body normally attains.

Beer, alcohol and testosterone

The next factor to consider is the effect of alcohol on testosterone. You may have already known that testosterone is also an important hormone in muscle formation and is the primary reason why men have more muscle than women.

When you drink alcohol, a substance made in your liver will harm the production of testosterone. It is to reduce the concentration of testosterone in the body and, of course, make your muscles significantly reduced in both quantity and quality.

Beer, alcohol and recovery

Another effect of alcohol on muscle formation is your ability to recover. Because alcohol is toxic to the body, energy will be used to remove alcohol from the system and restores the negative effects it causes on tissues. Therefore, you will not have a lot of energy reserves to recover from exercise. You will not be fresh when practicing in the next rounds.

Beer, alcohol and body fat

The last problem related to alcohol consumption is that it contains energy, and this energy quickly absorbs into your body. Usually, you drink beer, alcohol or liquids with high alcohol content, drinks that contain less energy than the sweet cocktails that women often enjoy. At least men’s drinks have some bright sides.

However, at 7 calories per gram, after three to four drinks, the energy you get can be on par with the main meal, unless you reduce the amount of food given to this energy. This is unlikely because you often eat poorly with high-calorie foods like peanuts, pizza, chicken wings or chips, fat will increase strongly.

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